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What is the Me-Mover?

Me Mover USA is a step machine on wheels, which activates 6 of the 8 major muscle groups to maximize caloric burn and get a quick fitness exercise workout in a short period of time. Intense cardio raises your heart rate almost instantly for endurance and stamina conditioning. It is a full body workout that gets you fit faster because it is a high intensity, low impact workout all while having fun! The machine targets your core and lower back to improve overall balance and stability, while serving as a great tool for strength building and rehabilitation. It is easy to take on the go and fun to ride!

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Features and Benefits

A Full-Body Workout

A Full-Body Workout

Activates 6 out of 8 major muscle groups. Strengthens your legs and glutes, engages your core, and reinforces your stabilizer muscles all at once. It also raises your heart rate almost instantly for endurance and stamina conditioning.

Exercise in Comfort

Exercise in Comfort

The ergonomic upright position improves posture and core stability, and eliminates seat and back pain entirely. It also makes you highly visible, which is safer when exercising outdoors.

Scandinavian Design

Scandinavian Design

Foldable design for easy storage and transport. A modular design allows for easy customizations & add-ons.

Work Out Anywhere

Work Out Anywhere

Built for rugged outdoor action, the Me-Mover can be ridden on any terrain or transformed into a stationary indoor trainer.




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Health Benefits

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Me - Mover

The Me-Mover combines the best parts of a stepper, running and cycling to give you a fun and very effective way to enjoy outdoor exercise. Due to it’s low-impact the Me-Mover is perfect to build cardiovascular fitness, while being fun to use and easy on the knees, hips and joints, which makes it great for everyone.
The ME-Mover is a great way to stay fit and healthy.

Be in the best shape of your life

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More excercise because above all, it's FUN. This is excercise that is irrestible and gets your fast results. You'll be excited to train and be in the best shape of your life!

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